In 1937 the Montreal Maroons were packing the Forum, Canada's first “Trolleybus" system began shuttling Montreal riders across the city and a young entrepreneur named Albert Hodgson launched a company to service the boiler and heating needs of the Montreal area.

Today, Chaudières/Boilers Inc. is one of Quebec's leading and longest running suppliers of water and steam boilers with a long-established reputation for quality and service.

Chaudières/Boilers Inc. is known for its flexible and innovative approach to boilers sales, rentals, installation, maintenance and repair. Our enviable reputation in the trade stems from traditional pride in good workmanship, attention to detail and our superior boiler products. We are Quebec's exclusive distributor of Miura Boilers, the most versatile boilers in the world.

Our future is bright as more and more Quebec companies discover that our commitment to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction translates into lower operating costs and higher boiler efficiency. A combination that allows our client to focus on their business – not their boilers.

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Chaudières/Boilers inc.
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Lachine, Qc, H8S 4E6
Tel: (514) 634-1330
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